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By Shukri Arraf

Palestine, being the bridge between Asia and Africa, was a treading ground for the armies of the Nile and Mesopotamian Empires, and for merchants from North Africa to China trading in dried and cooked foods as well as salt, grains, and perfumes. Caravanserais were inns where caravans and convoys rested and filled up with needed supplies such as water and food to continue their journey. The Caravanserais of Palestine deals with about 160 caravanserais (khanat) in Palestine, the ancient form of today’s gas stations, and illustrates a network of more than ten historic routes.

This book is divided into three sections: the first is a general overview of khanat history, typologies, and architecture; the second is a discussion of urban khanat; and the third is about road caravanserais. The study covers the historical and architectural aspects of these structures through the inclusion of layouts, sketches, and recent and historical photos.

Size: 25.5 x 30 cm

SOFT Cover

No. of pages: 215

Publication date: 2013

ISBN: 978-9950-303-13-3 


لشراء المنتج الرجاء إرسال رسالة تشمل كود المنتج هنا

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