Ann Baladi “ عن بلدي” – About My Homeland
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Original CD with the music of the  Palestinian artist Dalal Abu Amneh, well-known musician from Nazareth .

CD title is : Ann Baladi  “ عن بلدي” – About My Homeland

Through her first musical album from Palestine, Dala emphasizing her will to sing creations written by people from balady (her homeland) talking about balady, songs that she collected throughout the years to tell the story of this place, its beauty and pain, Its sad and happy moments….

She sings for mountains, for Ma’lol village, for Ein Al Adra in Nazareth and for love.

She presents this album to all Palestine lovers wherever they are.



لشراء المنتج الرجاء إرسال رسالة تشمل كود المنتج هنا

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