Totty Bag with black Arabic calligraphy sentence "The Arabic Dots-- "نقاطاللغةالعربية.
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inspirational  and motivational quote bag.

In the early Arabic dictation the dots didn’t existed, and that until the foreigners (عجم) decided to learn the language, then the i‘jām⟨إِعْجَام⟩were used.

The i‘jām⟨إِعْجَام⟩ are the pointing diacritics that distinguish various consonants that have the same form

حقيبة باللون البيج "نقاط اللغة العربية" بتصميم أسود.


لشراء المنتج الرجاء إرسال رسالة تشمل كود المنتج هنا

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