Eman S. Bisharat

Eman Sabbagh Bisharat, owner of "Exhibition Palestinian handicraft- معرض فلسطينيات للأشغال اليدوية " and Emy's Jewellery and Embroidery. Eman Sabbagh Bisharat, born in Bokayaa village in the Galilee was exposed to art in her early childhood, through her father who was an artist in sculpture and paint. She is also a nurse, who is a part of the nursing management staff in Nazareth hospital. Eman is an expert in jewelry design and several more techniques, such as, needlework and authentic fabric. In fact, she enjoys embedding the Palestinian authentic art on clothes. This has made her a successful business woman, as well as, a very well-known, original and a creative artist.

Eman S. Bisharat Products