Hiam Rouhana

Jewelry designer, Entrepreneur of the project "Tashakil". Design and implement modern ornaments inspired by the Palestinian heritage. The embroidered robes, over 60 years old, are sometimes used in Ramallah, the villages of Beit Jala and Hebron. She studied for the first and second degrees in Haifa with the subject of biology. She worked for a period of time in the field, but she was always interested in handicrafts and arts, where she learned from her grandmother and her mother. Because of her indescribable passion for art, she began designing jewelry in 1998, where she found her career in the profession, which combined what she had accumulated over the years with her handicraft skills and her passion for the Palestinian heritage. In 2000, she held her exhibition titled "Tashakil", where she designs and implements modern, heritage-inspired jewelery.  

Hiam Rouhana Products